Christmas Eve in the hotel

Have you ever been away for Christmas holiday? Would you rather spend this time with your family and friends, or you are up for a change? Why not to try something new and go to Austria? First, there’s something you have to know: if we want to combine Christmas season with snow folly, bear in mind every country celebrates holiday in a different way. In Austria, like in most western European countries, people celebrate Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. However, in Saalbach, which is a very tourism-concentrated town, everything is opened and the village functions like on a normal day of work. Nonetheless, Christmas dinner is different to what is served in UK, for example. It is actually hard to find a restaurant which serves proper Christmas menu, but don’t worry – you can always try something new and Austrian cuisine has a lot to offer. One of the best restaurants in Saalbach is Schattbergstube which serves delicious, quality food for reasonable prices. Make sure you book the table in advance, because the place gets full after 5 p.m. There are few more worth-seeing restaurants:    
Seppi's – Italian cuisine
LaTrattoria - pizza
Westernstadl Altachhof - Austrian cousine, restaurant on the slope
Rosswaldheutte - Austrian cousine, restaurant on the slope

Why spending Christmas holiday in Austria? The highlight is definitely the weather! You will have a good chance for white Christmas in Austria! There is nothing more comforting than snuggling up in front of a fire place when it’s freezing outside and the surrounding alpine scenery helps to set your mind free.

Entrance to Schattbergstube restaurant