What is worth seeing in Ireland?

There are a lot of reasons to go to this green island. Perhaps you have never thought about it, because it is not as popular holiday destination as for example sunny Caribbean or Maldives ... And indeed, in the summer the weather in Ireland has no chance to compete with the temperature and sunshine, for example in Mediterranean countries, but clean, crisp Irish air works great during trekking, cycling trips or landscape walks - activities that you will definitely want to experience when visiting Ireland.

Cliffs of Kerry


reasons why you should visit ireland:

During a week's stay, I was able to visit the south-western part of Ireland and the vicinity of Dublin. It was not easy to decide which places to see - the reality quickly verified our plans and due to the lack of time, we had to give up a few attractions. However, it was possible to visit the most spectacular ones and they are the proof that Ireland is a beautiful country that you absolutely must visit! So start planning your trip now! HERE you will find out how much it can cost you :)

Beaches on the west of Ireland


what is worth seeing in south-west ireland?

It is no coincidence that we have started our adventure with Ireland from its south-west side. Many people consider it the most beautiful, especially because of the richness of its natural environment. This is where you can see the majestic cliffs, the wide sandy beaches and the most important landscape routes of the green island. Southwest Ireland includes three counties: Cork, Kerry and Limerick, and each of them can boast of well-known tourist attractions. Here are the best ones:

  • COBH - this seaside town became famous as the port from which the Titanic sailed. It is worth visiting the unique Titanic Museum (admission: 9.50 euro / adult), housed in the original building from the 19th century. During an hour guided tour, the tourist takes on the role of one of the authentic passengers of the ship, learns of the discomforts prevailing in third class and reasons for the sinking of the Titanic. At the end (s)he can check whether the person survived the disaster or not. You have to book in advance for the tour: either on the spot (I recommend doing so only off-season - we waited about 30 minutes for the next tour), or online HERE.
    In Cobh, you must also see the St. Colman's Cathedral - one of the tallest buildings in Ireland, which impresses with its massive construction and a 91-meter high spiked tower. Admission is free. Current hours of the hold masses can be found HERE.

St. Colman's Cathedral

The inside of the cathedral


Titanic Museum

  • RING OF KERRY - County Kerry is the quintessence of everything you would like to experience in Ireland! You will find here a lot of crystal clear lakes, wide, sandy ocean beaches, mountain trails with passes, winding along steep walls roads, small, typically Irish towns and medieval castles. And the Kerry Ring is a 179-kilometer tourist-landscape trail that offers all of these attractions. It's best visit it in a car, you can then try to drive through it in one day, but for slow-travel fans it will be too short. Roads are often very narrow. I recommend taking off in routes not marked on Google Maps - they are less crowded, but of good quality, so there is no fear that we will not be able to pass at some point and they offer an unforgettable experience!

Ring of Kerry - Valentia island

Ring of Kerry - cliffs of Kerry

  • DUNLOE PASS - a narrow but very spectacular route between rocky cliffs. It extends from north to south for about 11 km and it is located about 15 km from Killarney.

Road to the Dunloe Pass

  • BALLAGHISHEEN PASS - this is probably the best road to drive through in Ireland, so if you are a fan of deserted, narrow routes, you have to try it, because it guarantees an unforgettable experience! You will not find any tourists here! However, you must watch out for the sheep, because they often run out onto the street!

Road to Ballaghisheen Pass

  • DINGLE PENINSULA - there are a lot of sandy beaches, mountains and spits here. It is worth going to the west coast to Slea Head, where "Star Wars" was filmed. To get to this "movie plan", plance 2 euro into a box hanging on the fence and cross.

Dingle Peninsula

Slea Head

  • CLIFFS OF MOHER - it is one of these attractions everyone wants to see, which is why it is usually full of tourists. Still, it's really worth going there. The most majestic and unique Irish cliffs stretch for 8 kilometers, reaching the highest point of 214 meters in height. The walking path leads along a steep cliff, but the brave can easily approach its edge. I recommend taking sports shoes, preferably trekking shoes, because the winds always blows on the cliffs and it is damp, so it's easy to slip. Admission: 8 euros. It is worth checking the opening hours before leaving HERE.

Cliffs of Moher



  • CONNEMARA - this still wild land lies in the west of county Galway and offers many attractions: mountain hiking, fishing on one of the many lakes or water sports cultivated in the Atlantic. Noteworthy in particular is Connemara National Park (free admission), which covers almost 3,000 hectares of picturesque forests, peat bogs, heathlands and mountain ranges. The map of the three main tourist routes can be found HERE.

Connemara National Park

  • KYLEMORE ABBEY - located just 5 kilometers from the Connemara Park, when suddenly emerges from above trees, it makes a huge impression! In addition to the castle, you can also visit a gothic church, stone gardens and a mausoleum. Admission costs 13 euros per person, and more information can be found HERE.

Castle in the Kylemore Abbey

There are many more reasons to visit Ireland. I focused only on one part of the green island and in a very general way. You can find more information of the places I've covered above on the pages to which I have placed links in the text.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please add a comment below :)