Before the flight

The first rule of good packing goes like this: less is more. This ensures maximum comfort and focuses mainly on practical necessities. You have to realize that you will have to carry all of your belongings: no matter if they are packed into backpack or suitcase.

I decided to go to Israel with my trekking backpack, which I could carry as a hand luggage. This choice helped me to save up on plane tickets (read more about the flights HERE), move around and easily use public transport, as well as be sure that I’ve taken only the most important things. Even though there are some drawbacks of taking a backpack: crumpled clothes and standing with all of your stuff in queues at the airports for example, I definitely recommend travelling with a backpack, especially when planning to sleep in different places. 

I’m listing things I have taken with me to Israel below. I’ve only included things I actually found useful during my trip. It’s true that sometimes I take too much stuff, although thanks to lists like this, the packing process gets much easier every time. I always advise to check the weather forecast of your destination one day before the departure and take it under consideration. I hope that you will find my list useful and inspiring for organizing your way of packing! 


1. Backpack:

  • Osprey Kyte 36 for Women

2. Clothes:

  • a pair of jeans
  • comfy, baggy pants
  • sport leggins
  • sport and jeans shorts
  • waterproof softshell with hoodie
  • two sweatshirts: warmer and lighter one
  • sweater
  • long sleeve
  • two white T-shirts and one black
  • one black and one white sport top
  • pyjamas
  • thermo-active underwear
  • underwear (including: sport bra, warm socks)
  • swimsuit
  • sport shoes
  • trainers
  • flip-flops
  • belt
  • hat
  • neckwarmer
  • sunglasses

3. Cosmetics:

  • toothpaste (travel format) and toothbrush
  • all in 1 cream (face, body and hair), f. ex. Sephora 100 ml
  • anit-bacterial hand gel, f. ex. Carex
  • refreshing wipes for face and body
  • shower gel (travel format)
  • hair shampoo (travel format)
  • deodorant (travel format)
  • make-up remover (travel format)

4. Electronics:

  • gopro + spare battery
  • power bank
  • camera + charger
  • phone charger
  • iPOD + headphones

TIP: there are European sockets in Israel.

5. Documents:

  • passport
  • printed plane tickets
  • booking confirmations, f. ex. from
  • passport and ID or driving license scans
  • travel insurance
  • driving license
  • cash

6. Food:

  • sandwiches for travel
  • energy bars
  • nuts

TIP: at most airports they will not throw away your sandwiches during check-in.

7. Miscellaneous:

  • small notebook
  • pen
  • quick drying towel
  • first aid kit (travel format)
  • line and pegs for clothes
  • small, light book
  • pocket knife (main luggage only)