How to pack for a week holiday in Italy?


The topic of packing comes back like a boomerang, again and again before each trip, so preparing a packing list and verifying it after returning home is an important matter that will improve this process and will make it easier the next time you travel. There is nothing to cheat, every trip is different and you should prepare for it differently. Of course, some things you take will repeat on every list, but unfortunately these are the things we usually forget about, so they should not be overlooked. To make your packing life easier, you will find below my packaging list for a week's vacation in Italy. Be sure to check it out next time you are getting ready for such a journey!

The luggage limit was 10 kg, which is the same as hand luggage, although we decided on one shared main luggage (20 kg max.), Which was 10 kg per person, but this option was cheaper than two smaller suitcases or backpacks. I wrote more about flight prices and options HERE.


  • swimsuit,

  • beach dress,

  • denim shorts,

  • t-shirt,

  • top,

  • denim jacket,

  • trainers,

  • flip-flops,

  • swimming shoes.



- beach bag,
- cap,
- summer hat,
- sunglasses,
- quick-drying towel,
- hair bands.

3. Cosmetics:

  • toothpaste,

  • toothbrush,

  • shower gel,

  • body lotion,

  • hand cream,

  • sun lotion SPF 20,

  • face cream with SPF 30 filter,

  • carex,

  • moisturizing wipes,

  • make-up remover,

  • cotton balls,

  • deodorant,

  • the razor,

  • hairbrush,

  • waterproof mascara,

  • mineral powder / BB cream,

  • lip gloss.

4. Electronics:

  • headphones,

  • iPOD,

  • camera and lenses,

  • GoPro,

  • chargers,

  • car USB charger,

  • powerbank.

5. First aid kit:

- plasters,
- bandages,
- hydrogen peroxide,
- painkillers,
- pargyline,
- anti-motion sickness tablets,
- medicinal charcoal,
- sore throat pills,
- nose drops,
- contact lenses.

6. Miscellaneous:

  • documents and bookings (ID card, driving license, credit card, plane tickets, car reservation, accommodation booking, insurance),

  • money (euro),

  • "Travel" magazine,

  • pepper spray,

  • headlamp,

  • rope for hanging clothes,,

  • notebook and pen,

  • GoPro non-sinking sponge,,

  • water bottle.


Just before departure, I received an interesting advice from a friend who travels a lot, who rolls her clothes during packing. She assured that this way you don't crease your clothes, and thanks to that they take up less space, so next time I intend to check it. What are your packing tricks? ;)