Further destination flights have the advantage of main luggage included in the price. Though the size and weight restrictions may differ, because they depend on the airlines’ guidelines. It is worth starting at the end and checking the limits on you last flight first. The smaller the plane, the less luggage we can take onboard. For example, the maximum weight of the entire luggage per person allowed on the Aeroplan is 15 kg, even though it is possible to take 20 kg of only main luggage on the Qatar Airways flight. Therefore, make sure you know all the restrictions, because Maldivian Airlines charge extra 2.50 to 10.00 USD (depending on destination) per kilo, if your suitcase is overweight.     
Fortunately, you don’t need to take much when travelling to Maldives. The temperature doesn’t drop below twenty-odd degrees, even if it’s raining. Beside, summer clothes are lighter and they take up less space. If you are still unsure what to take, please take a look at the below list of 25 things you should consider taking to Maldives (or any other exotic destination):


  1. swimming suit,
  2. quick drying shorts
  3. quick drying t-shirt,
  4. lightweight sweter or hoodie,
  5. lightweight, baggy pants
  6. pareo,
  7. waterproof parka,
  8. sunglasses,
  9. sunhat,
  10. quick drying towel,
  11. flip-flops,
  12. trainers,
  13. sun-block cream SPF 50,
  14. aftersun soothing body balm,
  15. waterproof maskara,
  16. documents (passport, tickets, booking confirmations),
  17. smartphone + powerbank,
  18. iPOD + headphones,
  19. camera, 
  20. waterproof mini camera,
  21. chargers, batteries and SSD cards,
  22. snorkeling kit (mask, snorkel, fins),
  23. e-book,
  24. water filtration bottle (very useful at the airports),
  25. several-meter string (f. ex. to hang wet clothes).

        Swimming suit and snorkeling kit - that's the best outfit on Maldives


                                                        It can pour down even on Maldives!


                                                    Sunglasses are a must in such sunshine