View from the plane on Indian Ocean

It takes a while to get to Maldives from Europe or America – expect at least 24-hour journey with two or three changes. The best and most comfortable flights are offered by Qatar Airways, Emirates or Etihadbut they are the most expensive ones as well, and you will have to be extremely lucky to get a deal. 
There are different ways to get there tough: you can buy tickets to Sri Lanka first, which are in relatively good prices, next find a flight to Male from Colombo with China Southern or China Eastern. Moreover, check travel deal sites such as FLY4FREE or HOLIDAYPIRATES regularly.

The next step is to get from Male (which is the capital of Maldives) to any island you have dreamt of. To do so, you will have to book a transfer with national Maldives airlines. They are the only airlines offering such transfers, therefore they enforce the prices, so there’s very little possibility to save up. Anyway, the transfer is an adventure itself, because you will be flying in…an aeroplane, which lands on water! It is so much fun, trust me :) To book your flight go HERE.

                                                      Trans Maledivian aeroplane

It is also possible to get to your island by boat or ferry, but it takes a lot of time and it’s not always cheaper – however, be sure to check all options before you book.

All in all, the easiest way to get to Maldives is to buy a trip from travel agency. There are some destinations this kind of travel works best for and Maldives are actually one of them!