Local dinner: Lemon Drop

Let’s be honest – Maldives are not cheap! We can’t expect to spend two weeks in paradise for little money. Why bother then? Is it even possible for a person on a standard budget to organize a dream holiday before beautiful Maldives disappear from the Earth (WAIT…what? There’s a quick note on the problems Maldives are facing at the moment in my video HERE)? Well…yes, it is possible! If you are willing to really go for it, of course. First of all, you need to save up some money for the travel itself (read more about it HERE) and the rest of expenses, in fact, depends on individual needs.
Luxury resorts are extremely popular on Maldives (for example: VELIGANDU). They treat their guests with all-inclusive meals and all conveniences, such as Thai massages and outdoor jacuzzies. Nevertheless, it is possible to go there with a backpack and sleep in small hotels or private lodges for much, much cheaper (see for example: MIRIAN SKY, RASDHOO DIVE LODGE). These places offer a lot of the same activities, in the same quality as the next-door resorts, but in lower prices. Eating in local restaurants and shopping in small local shops will help you to save up a lot of money as well. Take a look at the exemplary prices below:

  • loaf of bread – 1 eur
  • bananas – 2 eur / kg
  • 1l of water – 0,5 eur
  • bottle of wine – 85 eur (!) -> Maldives are a Muslim country
  • lunch in a local dinner – 3,50 eur
  • 3-course meal for two in a restaurant – 20 eur

                                       Public beach on Rasdhoo Island

To sum up: in my opinion it is possible to visit Maldives on a budget, although the plane tickets are one thing you won’t be able to save on and usually take the most effort to organize. What is more, you have to be aware that public beaches are not as clean as the ones in resorts (depending on where you are too), which are taken care of everyday by the staff. Nonetheless, if you really want to spend some time in an exotic place, deep your feet in soft, white sands and warm ocean waters, warm your skin in friendly climate, rest underneath a palm tree, have some fresh coconut water to drink and see magnificent underwater world of colorful fish and coral reefs, Maldives should definitely appear on your bucket list!