The outdoor pool

Veligandu Island is one of the most beautiful place in world I have seen. The clear blue skies, azure waters, golden white sands and lush green of local flora sparkles brightly in the sun and looks even more spectacular than on postcards. Even tough not every Maldivian island looks like this, it is so easy to fell in love with the general picture.
Veligandu Resort & SPA is the only place on this tiny Ari Atoll’s island, which is 600 meters long and 150 meters wide. A walk around the island takes less than an hour! The paths, which lead from one side of the island to the other, had been built in the middle of the island among lush tropical garden (there are apartments for the staff, power generators, etc. over there too). They discreetly branch off in different directions and lead to private bungalows for guests and other facility buildings.
Veligandu resort offers private beach or water bungalows only. The most luxury and expensive ones include private jacuzzies on the terraces. All the water villas have private stairs from terraces straight to the ocean waters, so you don’t even have to leave your bungalow to have a swim or sunbathe.

                                                                       Water villas

All villas are equipped with electric kettles, mini fridges, safes, free wi-fi, flat TVs and air-conditioning. There is a coffee table with two chairs and two sunbeds on the terrace. The bathroom has a whirlpool bath next to the window and separate shower cabin. The cleaning service cleans the bungalows twice a day during the meal hours.
There are few separated beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas for the guests on the island. The beach bars are situated nearby on the two opposite banks, where you can order food and drinks. There is an outdoor pool in between main restaurant and a bar, with sunbeds to relax on.

                                                    Inside of the villa





The resort provide All-inclusive system for all guests, which ensures two main meals in the form of a buffet in the biggest restaurant, and unlimited access to drinks and lunch menu in the bars during the day, as well as at night in the 24-hour bar by the official beach! There is a second restaurant available to the guests serving special menu, but it is not included in the overall price. Additionally, some of the products from the mini bar have to be paid for separately. The adequate price list is in the room, so you shouldn’t be surprised, but be careful, because the prices are high, for example for a can of Red Bull the resort charges 12 USD. Free of charge are water, small can of Heineken beer and small bottle of Gallo wines, which are refilled by the cleaning service twice a day.

                 Stairs from the terrace straight to the ocean

There is a shop on the island, offering souvenirs, cosmetics and clothes. Moreover, there is a play room with table football and snooker table, SPA which offers exotic massages and cosmetic treatments, diving school and windsurfing school. It is possible to enroll to any kind of activities in the reception. Part of them is free of charge, therefore it is worth checking what Veligandu has to offer at the beginning of your holiday to make sure you don’t miss anything. Every evening after the dinner, the main bar organizes different theme attractions, including live music, film screening, local dances, etc. However, the main attraction of the island is its coral reef. You can see it from water villas or island bridges. It is close to the beach, so you don’t have to get deep into the water to have a look. It is worth taking snorkeling kit with you, but it is possible to rent one on the island for 10 USD per day. 

For those, who are thriving for more, Veligandu resort has different courses for divers and boat trips into the deeper parts of the ocean for the more experienced ones. Unfortunately these trips can be really expensive and with all the equipment can cost up to 200 USD per person!
TIP: Every Thursday you can try diving with the oxygen tank into 2-3 meters deep. Just make sure you enroll on time because the number of participants is restricted.




                                                               Main bar by the beach

Veligandu is a resort for adults only. Due to that fact the atmosphere on the island is intimate and its infrastructure makes you feel you’re the only one there, even the staff works discreetly. There are many couples coming to Veligandu, but don’t get discouraged, because the island ensures so many attractions that it is difficult to get bored at any time. 
The best way to book your holiday in this resort is via travel agency – it will make sure you get the best deal and all-inclusive package. However, if you’d like to do it on your own, visit

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