A sleepy town with a graceful name, Sidi Ifni, is located in the southwest of Morocco, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This, at first glance, an unparalleled seaside village, until 2016, encouraged independent tourists to come and visit hidden from the organized travel excursions, located north of Sidi Ifni, the bay of Legzira, at the end of which nature created one of its world wonders - beautiful and majestic four cliff arches, carved in the rock by the ocean waters. It was actually these waters which in September 2016 contributed to the collapse of the formation, destroying in one moment what they have been creating for hundreds of years. And although the tourists came to the beach mainly to see live these marvelous rock gates, there were not the only factors shaping the unique atmosphere of this place. What still remains until today are gorgeous high, brown cliffs with numerous caves and grooves.

The tides of the ocean are also enhancing the whole experience of exploring beautiful Legzira bay. The best time to come to Legzira is before noon, when the waters that are moving away from the mainland allow to admire the cliffs closely from below, standing directly under them. The tides, on the other hand, can be very dangerous, because if someone couldn’t make it on time to get out to the main beach, he would be taken by the ocean. The best indicator when you should go to a safe place are the local fishermen, using their own hand-made fishing rods, standing on the coastal stones, trying to cast the lure as far as possible. When they start collecting their equipment, it is an infallible sign that you should be coming back too. Then it is best to go to a nearby local diner, where you just have to wake up the waiter and ask for food. As a rule, there is no choice of dishes, or it is small, so it is best to order what the sleepy waiter suggests. Meals are modest, but prepared on the spot with fresh vegetables and freshly caught fish. Even a simple salad of tomatoes and onions tastes delicious here.

When in Legzira, it is worth visiting Sidi Ifni as well, which has less than 20,000 residents. Until 1969, the village was under the rule of the Spaniards, thanks to which its buildings resemble Andalusian cities. The streets are laid out in the form of a chessboard, and the blue and pink houses built next to them are a good example of art deco architecture. The Moroccan government is trying to preserve the colonial legacy and new buildings are being designed accordingly. There aren’t many tourists in Sidi Ifni, so it is quite cheap there. Going to the local market, you usually meet only local residents. The village is a great place if you’re looking for deserted beaches and ideal for surfers due to big waves of Atlantic Ocean.
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An extraordinary element of the landscape of Legzira bay, the majestic cliff arch can be seen only in the pictures today. Still, it is worth going to this area to get acquainted with the uncommercial tourism of the Moroccan coast. The charm of this place is to enjoy a leisurely moment in the name of the slow-travel principle.