The history of Arendel's creation is really a movie screenplay: after traveling to Norway, two students: Agata and Aleksander fell in love with this country so much that they decided to recreate the magical atmosphere of a Scandinavian village in Poland. Instead of investing in an overpriced apartment in Poznan, the current couple bought a piece of land with a pine forest near Konin and built an original guest huts on it. The idea played an important role here and thanks to it, the place quickly gained popularity. Arendel is only two years old, it is still being expanded, but it’s already one of the most interesting places to stay in Poland at the moment. Despite this, you don’t have to come here overnight to see the work of the Dyczek family. The Norwegian village offers a lot of attractions, and in its area, in addition to two houses for guests and farm buildings, there is a wooden barn, adapted to organize various types of festivities, a place for feasting and grilling by an outdoor fire, a farm with Shetland ponies and a farm with reindeers! These last attractions are often visited by children from kindergartens and primary schools, so even in the middle of the week it can be crowded, busy and cheerful. Arendel is open all year round for guests of all ages: individual guests as well as organized groups.



The easiest way to reach the Norwegian village is by using the navigation (Google Maps). Arendel is located between the villages of Drzewce, Włodzimirów and Zagórów, south of Słupca, south-west of Konin. The village borders with single farms, several meters away, so there is no fear that neighbors will be disturbed by even the most enjoyable party! A few kilometers further north is the Nadwarciński National Park. From Warsaw, you will reach Arendel in 2.5 hours, and from the nearest Poznań in just one hour.


Arendel is an unusual agritourism, whose stylistics in each smallest detail refer to Scandinavia. The whole idea was carefully thought out; nothing is accidental here, from the restored barn, to the breadbox or even...garbage bins! Arendel offers a holiday in the bosom of nature, away from the city noise. Perfect for a few days of relaxation for the whole family, but also for those who prefer active rest, such as cycling trips or canoeing on the Warta River. In the recreational barn, which is a social center of the village, there is a banquet room, ideal for organizing special events; and a mezzanine with a pool table, a place to read (eg Scandinavian detective stories) and playing board games.


Arendel offers accommodation in houses created on the model of wooden hytte huts, popular in Scandinavia. At the moment there are two of them: red and blue available to guests, and another one is being finished soon: gray. The cottages are small but cozy, adapted to two, maximum four people, but to be honest, four adults would be cramped here. Equipped with one double bed and two mattresses, which can optionally be spread on the floor, while giving up any passage through the room. Next to the bed there is a small table with two folding chairs, and two additional ones are hung on the wall. The kitchenette allows you to prepare smaller meals, also hot ones with an electric oven. A big advantage of the house is the terrace, where you can sit back and enjoy coffee in the bosom of nature when the weather is good. In winter, you don’t have to worry about frost, because the cabins warm up quickly.


  • electric heating,

  • electric oven,

  • bread toaster,

  • kettle,

  • coffee percolator,

  • coffee, tea, sugar,

  • salt & pepper,

  • kitchen accessories: mugs, plates, cutlery, pots, pans, etc.,

  • glasses,

  • shower,

  • towels (small and large),

  • aloe vera soap and washing gel,

  • bed sheets and blankets,

  • radio.


An additional attraction in Arendel for adults is an outdoor bath in a wooden tub, holding a maximum of 8 people. The bath price is 150 PLN for the first hour and 50 PLN for the next ones (max 3 hours). The reservation must be made at least 24h before bathing so that the owners can prepare it well. Baths are possible throughout the year unless the air temperature is below -5 degrees. You can read more about the bath HERE.


Arendel can be booked through the official website of agrotourism HERE. During the reservation you can check the availability of houses and the prices. As part of the booking confirmation, you must pay a non-returnable 20% of the final amount.

Prices vary depending on the length of stay up to max. PLN 300 for a house per night (when booking for one night only).

The breakfast costs an additional PLN 25 per person and is served as a buffet in the barn.


+ Arendel owners bought this land at the age of 24! Most of the construction work was done by themselves, and now they show entrepreneur skills by running business on their own.

+ Arendel is a pet-friendly place - you can bring your pet here for free.

+ In Arenel, you can try real Scandinavian delicacies - at breakfast, ask about Norwegian cheese with an unusual caramel flavor.

- In winter, it happens that the water in the shower drains very slowly because the pipes freeze.

- It is cold in the barn, because such a large building heats up slowly, so it’s worth wearing warm clothes for breakfast.


  1. NADWARCIAŃSKI LANDSCAPE PARK - an ideal place for kayaking or bird watching. In the area you can see, among others, the Cistercian abbey in Lądek and the palace in Ciążeń. More information about the park and nearby attractions can be found HERE.

  2. MARINA ŚLESIN - a marina with a beach. It is a tourist place, but you can take a bath or rent a boat or cruise. More information can be found HERE.

  3. UNOBVIOUS MAP OF KONIN - good to ask the owners of Arendel about it, because it abounds in interesting places and events, such as the Lisewo Vineyard or the Festival of Fire. More information can be found HERE.

  4. THE AZURE LAKE - this is not a typical tourist attraction, because the whole coastline of this artificial water reservoir is fenced, and the bathing in the lake is forbidden. Turquoise waters (due to the calcium carbonate content) can be admired from a specially created vantage point. The lake is a landfill for incineration from a nearby power plant such as ash and slag. You can read more about the lake HERE.


Yes! I definitely agree on that although the village offers the most attractions for families with children. The cottages are so far apart from each other that guests will not be disturbed. Be sure to book a minimum of one night to feel the Scandinavian climate! Morning coffee on the terrace overlooking the homestead with reindeer will no doubt take you to the land of the Vikings. In the surrounding forest you will feel real peace and unity with nature, and perhaps you will fall in love with this place enough to invite your friends or family to a unique feast in the barn? Oh, and remember that this is the only such place in Europe, that is why try to spread the message beyond Polish borders!