The road leading from the village of Bartniczka to Janówko, where the delightful Blue Lakehouse is located, wriggles like a snake through a narrow track on steep hills: going alternately right, left, up and down. Wavy plains don't allow you to drive fast, but considering the views, you wouldn't even want to. When the sun is setting, you get the impression that the car is racing through the Italian uplands. Passing the lake on the right, you can almost feel the breeze of summer holidays, while your fingers swarm at the thought of the upcoming days of blissful laziness...and at the same time of an exciting adventure! The blue building appears in sight only after the last turn, when the vehicle stands on top of a steep hill, from which you can admire the orange-pink sky reflecting on the surface of Lake Janówko. At its banks there are several houses, including the architecturally distinctive Blue Lakehouse, which combines modernity with naturalness. The building stands out from the rest due to refinement and stylistic craftsmanship, on the other hand, however, it perfectly adapts to the surroundings. In addition, it doesn't impose itself in size or splendor - a class in itself, and if you add the entire surroundings, which I'm writing about below, it becomes an idyllic picture as if taken from a renaissance paiting.


Janówko is a tiny village located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, 30 kilometers north-east of Brodnica, Poland. This region, neighboring with Brodnica Landscape Park, is distinguished by a significant number of post-glacial lakes, of various sizes, which encourage spending at least a few summer days here. From Warsaw or Poznan to Janówko it's a 3-4 hour drive: it is an approachable distance even for a weekend break from the city. The landscape around Janówko is mainly hills covered with forests, meadows and fields, and most of the buildings are farms. A rustic idyll might be too pompous of a term, but not necessarily misplaced. This region will probably appeal to those living in busy cities and people who like the rural atmosphere. And although I don't live in a big metropolis myself, the area around Janówko has something peculiar about it that I haven't found in the Greater Poland landscapes, where I come from. This feeling was certainly influenced by the undulating terrain and the abovementioned numerous lakes. So if you want to get to know how does real Poland look like, this region could be your goal - it's still an untourist, so to say wild place to visit.


The name speaks for itself - Blue Lakehouse is a blue house by the lake. Nothing more, nothing less. However, it would be an extreme simplification, because the blue residence, entirely made of wood, is located 50 meters from the bank of Janówko lake, which in itself is unique. The lake can be admired from the terrace on the ground floor and from the balcony on the first floor, which is an extension of the living room. Blue Lakehouse offers its guests a studio located on the first floor with a spacious bathroom located on the ground floor. The two opposite walls of the apartment have huge windows looking on one side over the lake, and on the other over fields and forest. Minimalist interior finish and warm colors make you feel at home here. The studio can host a maximum of four people, and if the owners are not on site, the whole place is available only to guests. A king-sized, comfortable bed and a sofa bed are suitable for sleeping even for four adults, however, the size of the studio may seem insufficient, especially because there's only one small closet, which probably will not fit all the luggage. Nevertheless, there is no sense of jammed interior, mainly due to the wide windows and space surrounding the house.

The land around the residence is over five thousand square meters. It's mostly covered with grass, but there are also designated paths, a place for children to play and a brick place for a bonfire and barbecue right by the shore of the lake. One can't forget about birches, which humming emphasizes this truly idyllic atmosphere. The whole place was carefully laid out and thought out. Right behind the gate there is space for three cars, automatic lamps illuminate the way to the door, terrace, balcony, and a path to the lake. On the terrace there are sun loungers, where you can sunbathe on warmer days, as well as a table, if you feel like eating outside. Nothing, however, can match the freshly brewed coffee on the lake's deck during the sunset.


There is no denying that the best attractions in this place are outside activities. If the weather is good, it's hard to get bored here, sometimes it may be even a pity that so little time is spent in the house! At Blue Lakehouse there's a tennis table, badminton racks, two bikes, two kayaks and a stand-up paddle board! For the bad weather, the owners provided a chest with board games, chess, cards and several books (mainly about nature). The studio also has a TV and an access to free wi-fi. Armchairs, sunbeds and hammocks allow you to relax anywhere on the property, and the place for a bonfire or a standard grill diversify the possibilities of preparing meals. Sitting by the fire is great fun especially after dark. You don't have to worry about wood, because specially prepared stumps lie near the house in abundance.


In the studio there is a well-equipped kitchen available for the guests, where you can find:

- electric oven,

- fridge,

- dishwasher,

- electric kettle,

- coffee machine,

- toaster,

- beautiful tableware with cups,

- glasses,

- cutlery,

- pots & pans,

- spices, salt, sugar, coffee and tea.


- bedding,

- blankets,

- towels

- hairdryer

- soap, shower gel and hair shampoo.

The nearest shop is around 3 km away in a neighbour village, where you can drive or bike to.


LAKE - this is the main and the biggest attraction, not even in the area, but directly next to the house. In the lake you can swim, go canoeing, try stand up paddle or simply relax by the water, for example on the lake's deck.


BICYCLE - the area is worth visiting by bike and although due to the hilly terrain, you can get tired, there are many routes leading along paved gravel roads, through the woods, meadows and fields. Three routes have been set by the owners themselves, and the maps can be found on their website HERE (it’s in German!).

DRWĘCA SWAMP VALLEY - is a treat for bird watchers; an area under special protection, belonging to Nature 2000, located north of Brodnica and covering the large bend of the Drwęca River, characterized by marshy, swampy areas, built of canals surrounded by mostly forested slopes. In Bobrowiska, a didactic path was created, creating an 800-meter circle that can be walked only on foot. It is worth visiting this place in early spring, when the birds start their mating and make their presence very visible. It is easy to spot less popular species, such as the bluethroat or an eagle.

BRODNICA LANDSCAPE PARK - another place to delight in nature. The park has over 40 lakes and many peat bogs. You can also admire the centuries-old trees - nature monuments. The park can be visited on foot, by bike or on horseback.


You can do it through the official website HERE.

Or through the SLOWHOP portal (English version available).

The price for the apartment varies depending on the season and ranges from 300 to 350 PLN per night for 4 people, which equals 70-84 EUR.


Actually, you shouldn't have any doubts anymore! The blue mansion is a combination of rural idyll enhanced by elegant minimalism at an affordable price. Direct access to the lake is undoubtedly the greatest advantage of this place and could probably charm anyone, regardless of whether they come here for holidays with their family, romantic weekend with the loved one, or for an active spring break with friends!