‘The ubiquitous silence is the domain of this place,

but not the only reason why you will feel unusually blissful here.’



At the end of a narrow but neat road that marks the western border of the small village of Jemna, there are two houses: one big, the other small. Built from natural, environmentally friendly materials such as brick and wood, the buildings blend into one with a dense garden, which is trying to hide their two treasures from the world. Rarely someone passes this way, because it is separated from the main road by trees and a narrow stream. However, if you managed to find this place, know that you got here not by accident.

jemna - never heard about it?

Jemna is a small village located in the Lower Silesia Voivodship, on the edge of the Sowie Mountains and Przedgorze Sudeckie. At first glance, it is no different from other villages scattered south-west of Wrocław; it was not famous in Polish history, or in Polish industry or gastronomy. It probably would never have made it on the Internet if it hadn’t been for the owners of the Little Cottage, who decided to make it available to the guests.

On the map you can check where exactly the Jemna is located and then follow Google’s directions.

little house - perfect spot for longer and shorter trips:

The Little Cottage is situated next to the larger house where the hosts live. Both buildings are located on one plot, but they function separately, despite the garden connecting them. Nearby there is a forester's lodge, and then the Enduro cycling route, leading deep into the forest, inside the Owl Mountains. There are no shops around, no neighbors (apart from an old lady looking out of the window). The ubiquitous silence is the domain of this place, but not the only reason why you will feel unusually blissful here. The closeness of nature will let you forget about the stress and rush of urban life. You will be able to walk through the forest, listen to birds singing, pick juicy apples from garden apple trees, rest on a sunlit slope on a hammock, or sip coffee in the outside patio. And if the weather is not good, the magical interior of the Little Cottage awaits you, lovingly decorated, designed and built to a large extent of renovated recycled objects, creating an idyllic atmosphere of a mountain hut. A cozy atmosphere envelops you from the entrance door, discouraging you to go outside - it's lovely. And clean. Despite the old tiled stove and other age-old objects, the kitchen has substitutes of modernity such as a dishwasher, and the hosts make sure that under the bed there is not even a crumb. Fresh bedding will be waiting for you, laid out on a comfortable bed on the mezzanine. If you have never slept that high, you must try! In the bathroom with a huge tub you will find fragrant towels and hand-made soap.


Things that you don’t have to worry about:

  • tea, coffee, sugar,

  • salt and pepper and loads of different spices,

  • kitchen amenities: mugs, plates, cutlery, pots, pans, etc.,

  • glasses and ice,

  • towels (large and small),

  • soap,

  • bed sheets and blankets,

  • candles,

  • wood for the stove (apparently 10 zlotys per person, but we did not pay anything).

Take it with you, if you need it:

  • hairdryer,

  • shower gel, shampoo and other cosmetics,

  • slippers (unless you like walking barefoot, you shouldn’t wear shoes inside),

  • iron.


Where can you book your accommodation in this magical place?

This can be done by the search engine: SLOWHOP, which collects the addresses of beautiful places created with passion in Poland (and even Czech Republic). All you have to do is send a booking request, wait for the answer and quote from the hosts, and then pay 30% of the total amount as confirmation.

You can also book directly on the website of the owners *: HERE. The site is only in Polish, but you can send a message in English.

*On this page, there are also three rooms to book in the main house (the so-called Old House), where the owners live.


The cottage can be rented entirely and it hold up to 5 people (sleeping: a double bed on a mezzanine + a sofa bed for two people + one small sofa).

Accommodation prices (via SLOWHOP) vary depending on the number of people:

5 people = PLN 450 / night

3-4 people = PLN 400 / night

1-2 people = 320 PLN / day

The minimum number of nights is 2.

The cottage is a pet-friendly place, or you can play with local cats and a dog :)

Breakfast is available for additional fee, PLN 25 per person.

*It's really worth getting the breakfast, because the hosts will feed you with local products and home-made specialties, such as home-baked bread, fresh vegetables or rural eggs. You can prepare your dinner in a fully equipped kitchen.

There is no TV in the Little Cottage, but there is a radio, a multitude of books (also in English), cards and board games. In addition, a wonderful space encouraging you to enjoy yourself and meditate. And when you get tired of sitting at home, the nearby areas have a lot of attractions to offer.


Located in the Central Sudetes, the Owl Mountains don’t belong to the highest range, yet they constantly attract people seeking both attractions and respite. It is possible that the magic of these mountains lies in the proximity of nature, or in the charm of the valleys and ravines surrounding it. Whatever it is, it guarantees the willingness to use free time in any form. And there’s a lot to do! Also, don’t worry about the crowds, they are heading to the Tatras and the Giant Mountains ;)

  1. The four main hiking trails run through the most beautiful corners of the Owl Mountains, additionally intersecting each other, making it possible to arrange an individual route, not necessarily along the most popular red route. More information and a map of tourist routes can be found HERE.

  2. Lookout Tower on Big Owl Peak - from twenty-five meters high there is a magnificent view of virtually the whole Sudety Mountains: from the Gian Mountains to the Śnieżnik Massif.

  3. Lookout Tower on Kalenica Peak - don’t be discouraged by its industrial structure, because from its peak it offers a truly idyllic landscape. But be careful in the winter, because seventy icy steps that run twenty meters up can be dangerously slippery!

  4. Srebrna Góra fortress - this largest mountain fortress in Europe attracts the most tourists and is a real treat for fans of the 18th century history and Napoleon Bonaparte fans. More information about this object can be found HERE.

  5. The underground city of Osówka - located about an hour from the Little Cottage is a place that guarantees a strong experience, because it will take you to the times of World War II, deep underground damp corridors that served as the last headquarters of Hitler in Lower Silesia. More information about this place can be found HERE.

  6. Grodno Castle - one of the oldest in Lower Silesia; it still remembers the times of the Middle Ages, and its ascetic interiors differ from the typical classicist castles you can find in Poland. Don’t let this bareness put you off, outside the building presents a remarkable, rich architecture. You can read more about the castle HERE.

  7. Zieleniec - this town became famous as a popular ski resort, and although I have never been there in the winter, I‘ve heard from friends that it is worth going there. The slopes are however gentle and short, so experienced skiers can get bored there. You can read more about Zieleniec HERE.


The above attractions are not the only ones that the Owl Mountains offer, but in my opinion one of the most interesting ones. For more information, please check this website HERE. You can easily get to all these places by car, and even get to some of them by foot (depending on your skills), but it is more difficult to travel here by public transport, because, for example, on the weekends the frequency of buses is very limited. The Little Cottage, however, will work both as a stopover for the weekend and for a week-long vacation, so I encourage you to plan your holiday now. And if you have more questions, go ahead and write to me! :)

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