According to Daily Telegraph (UK), Portugal is one of the cheapest places to go for holidays, though I guess this refers especially to the British, or other Western-European citizens. If you’re coming to Europe from let’s say, USA, Canada or Australia, the cost of plane tickets will increase your planned budget a lot! However, you might be in your gap year, organizing the journey of your life (so-called Europtrip), yet you have no idea how much money will you need to spend a week in Portugal…If that’s the case, this post is for you! 

                                                                                                                                this photo has been taken during our trip in Silves

Let’s ignore the flight prices, because these can differ dramatically, and focus on how much will you possibly spend at the location. The below estimate is based on my own travel budget (I noted it down when I was in Portugal) and apply to weekly expenses divided by four people: in case of accommodation, car rental, etc. OK, let’s find out the prices!

TIP: Some of the costs are lower, when you travel as a group, but don’t worry – singles and couples have the advantage of finding better flight deals and availability of beds in cheap hostels.


  • Accommodation – 195 euro/ 780 euro for an apartment for 6 people/ 7 nights (the apartment was fully equipped, with two bedrooms, living room, separate kitchen and bathroom and a huge terrace, which overlooked a pier and the ocean, which was only few steps away - gorgeous!)
  • Travel insurance – 10 euro/ per perso / 7 days (the cheapest way is to get it online before your travel)
  • Airport transfer – 40 euro one-way (we divided it between 4 people, it was organized by apartment's owner - quick and easy!)
  • Car rental – 35 euro/ per day (we rented it for 4 days, so it was 35 euro/ per person, we rented Hyundai i20)
  • Petrol – 60 euro altogether (between 4 people)
  • Eating and drinking out – 65 euro/ per person for 4 dinners (the prices can differ, depending on restaurants, but it usually costs between 10 and 25 euro for full meal, but without drinks)
  • Eating and drinking in – 125 euro/ per person for 3 dinners, all breakfasts, fruit, drinks, alcohol
  • Entry fees – 20 euro for entrance to Medieval castle and to Municipal Archeology Museum in Silves

Together: 485 euro per person, per week


                                         on the way to one of the western beaches


  • veggies – tomatoes: 1.50 euro/ kg, carrots: 1 euro/ kg, courgettes: 1.20 euro/ kg, potatoes: 0.43 euro/ kg
  • fruit – oranges: 1.60 euro/ kg, melon: 1-2 euro/ pcs., watermelon: 2 euro/ pcs., strawberries: 3-4 euro/ box, avocado: 1 euro/ pcs.
  • bread – 0.60 euro/ loaf
  • wine – 2-10 euro/ bottle
  • beer – 1-2 euro/ can
  • water – 0.50 euro/ 1.5l
  • ice-cream – 1 euro/ scoop
  • pasta – 1.50 euro/ pack
  • rice – 1 euro/ pack
  • fish / seafood – 5-10 euro/ kg
  • train ticket – Lisbon ó Algarve: from 27 euro
  • bus ticket – from 1.80 to 6.80, depending on destination
  • motorway fees – around 20 euro Lisbon ó Algarve
  • petrol - 1.60 euro/ litr





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