Hilton Labriz is a unique resort, located on the Seychell island Silhouette, about which I wrote more in the last post HERE. This is not a typical hotel, it actually has nothing to do with it. It consists only of small villas, located in the garden or by the beach. The villas are not connected to each other, they are standing separately surrounded by a garden or a hedge. Each of them has its own terrace, and the most expensive ones offer even a private pool. Regardless of the price, all villas are of the highest standard: a stylishly furnished main room (living room + bedroom), which leads the hall and a spacious bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower. You can read about each villa and find out more on the official website of the resort HERE. Hilton Labriz is the perfect place for a honeymoon, holidays with children or a rest for anyone who wants to relax deeply. The are no parties held around and the only bar closes at 22:00. The main purpose of holiday on Silhouette is to contact with nature, calm down and enjoy the wonderful surroundings.

There is a SPA in the resort but you have to pay extra for massages (unfortunately the prices are high). Bicycles are also available, the rental is limited in time but free of charge. You can go for an organized trekking in the jungle to the highest peak of the island with a local guide, or reach the wild beach with unusual waves. It's hard not to fall in love with this place at first sight, and it's even harder to leave it behind!
Here are some additional things that will make you want to stay in Hilton Labriz permanently :)

1. OUTDOOR SHOWER - you have certainly dreamed about it as a child, because who would not want to take a shower under the open sky surrounded by tall palms, watching the birds at the same time? Of course, away from the curious sneak peaks of the neighbours ;)

2. BREAKFAST ON THE BEACH - the waiters are happy to arrange it: set the table and chairs in the shade of exotic trees, bring some fresh fruit and veggies from the local garden straight to your plate, and you will be able to dip your feet in the snow-white sand and look at the waves washing the shore - two meters away from you.


3. PRIVATE VILLA - each villa is a separate building, therefore it's impossible to hear and hard to see the neighbors. The resort accepts only a limited number of guests, that's why you do not have to be afraid of crowds on Silhouette, and an occasional chat with your neighbor will be a pleasure.

4. SWIMMING POOL - if you have a strong will, I recommend swimming in the pool before breakfast, as there will be no one in it, and because every morning the service cleans its water. The pool is quite large, but sometimes there are more people in it, which may hinder swimming freely. An additional advantage of the pool is its looks - it blends beautifully with the landscape of the island.

5. LONG BEACH - a walk along the ocean takes a good half an hour one way, because the beach at the resort is 2 kilometers long. It is quite narrow, even at low tide, but this is not a problem due to the small number of sunbathers ;) 

6. SIGHTSEEING ON THE ISLAND - you can do it on your own, limiting yourself to strolls along the beaten paths, or with a guide that will take you around the less known corners of the island and tell you about its history. Along the way you will have the opportunity to smell the leaves of the cinnamon tree, get to know the island's flora and fauna and take with you a fantastic souvenir: a few red seeds, which are used in the production of maracas. The legend says that whoever will take them home will return to Seychelles.

7. TRAVELLING BY MELEX - the truth is that in the resort you do not have to walk anywhere, because you can order a melex, which will arrive at doors of the villa - take your luggage, or even drop you off for dinner in a restaurant located two kilometers away. Just why would you give up walking on a beautiful, warm evening? 

8. NO MOSQUITOS - Hilton Labriz makes sure that guests do not have to worry about bothersome insects - once a week the island is sprayed with a special mosquito repellent that does not have a negative impact on the natural environment. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about any vaccinations.

9. CLEANLINESS - villas are cleaned at least once a day, but it is clean on the whole island. You will not find a single paper on the beaches, not to mention cigarette butts. Even the beaches furthest from the resort are well cared for, so you can walk barefoot on the ocean shore without any worries.


Have you already fallen in love with Silhouette alone from reading this post? Or maybe it's not a kind of holiday for you? Please share your opinion in the comments :)