Budapest is a magnificent capital that immediately attracts the attention of everyone who comes to it, thanks to the nine impressive bridges over the Danube, connecting the right part of the city called Buda, with the left, called Pest. The location of Budapest and the magnificent architecture create an unforgettable scenery: Buda is located in the hills, while Pest lies on the plains and along its banks there are impressive buildings: Parliament, academy and magnificent houses on the Pest side, and the royal palace and Gellért Hill with a citadel on the side Buda. Within the city limits, the Danube river flowing through them crosses three islands: Małgorzata (where the well-known Sziget music festival takes place), Obuda and Csepel. Budapest is a city of contrasts struggling with the poverty of public institutions and the majority of residents, often forced to move for financial reasons. On the other hand, everyone who wants to make a career comes to the capital. What's more, it offers luxury at attractive prices to tourists from more affluent European countries (and not only). In the city there are all international companies and organizations in Hungary, which is why there are more and more exclusive hotels, shops, restaurants and even whole streets and districts. However, there is a small percentage of Hungarians who can afford to use them. Budapest is also an attractive holiday resort, thanks to twelve thermal baths built within the city. They are used for therapeutic and recreational purposes. The best are Rac, Rudas and Gellert.


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  • Baross Hotel - offers perfect value for money, comfortable rooms, breakfast included in the price and a nice atmosphere. An additional advantage is the panoramic elevator leading to the fifth floor of the building, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the city.

  • Domina Fiesta - the interiors of this hotel are a great example of modern design, while in the restaurant with walls made of natural stone, in the evenings you can listen to folk or gypsy music.

  • Novum Golden Park - hotel located opposite the East Railway Station and offers comfortable rooms at affordable prices.

  • Red Bus Hostel - a hostel in the city center in an old, atmospheric building. The hostel offers private rooms and beds in several-person rooms, it is neat and cheap, you can also buy breakfast. Equipped kitchen, internet access and washing machine.

  • Hilton Budapest - it is worth going to see this hotel situated on the Castle Hill on the place of the former church, beautifully integrated into the historic architecture. Remarkable fragments of the nave and the tower of St. Nicholas.


  • Central Kavehaz - beautiful cafe located near the Market Hall, maintained in an old style. Nice, relaxed atmosphere and very polite service.

  • Market Hall - for little money, you can eat traditional Hungarian pies from yeast dough, served in a dry and sweet version.

  • Gerloczy - at noon, the restaurant serves two-course, cheap dinners for around 6 euro.

  • VegaCity - every day there is another, extensive menu and a few standards that always appear in the card. The dishes are diverse and 100% vegetable.

  • 827 Kitchen - a restaurant that promotes veganism with lots of "meaty" dishes, you must try out being in Budapest, especially if you are not convinced of the planet-based food!


  • In Budapest, there are three metro lines that can take you anywhere in the city. In addition, it is easy to travel by bus and trolleybus - all within one ticket. It is worth buying a card for the entire stay, because it comes out cheaper. For example, a Travel Card for 24h costs about 1650 HUF, that is 22 PLN or 4150 HUF for 72h, that is 55 PLN. More information and benefits of this card can be found HERE.

  • There is also a Budapest Card offering discounts on entry tickets, public transport and many other attractions. You can read more about this card HERE.


  • the quality of roads in Budapest leaves a lot to be desired, so it is better to get here by public transport,

  • there is a huge underground labyrinth under the city, of which only two caves have been made available to visitors, and the remaining hundred are still being investigated by speleologists,

  • in Budapest in October one of the world's best International Harp Festivals takes place,

  • in the Gellért Bath you can listen to Roman concerts at night, while in the Rudas bathhouse, techno parties are organized once a month in the thermal pool,

  • in Hungarian, according to the rules, the first and last name is given.

Budapest is a real architectural pearl, mainly because it began to transform into a metropolis relatively late, thanks to which many buildings are characterized by splendor and exaggerated splendor. As befits a European capital, there are a lot of cultural events taking place here, thanks to which tourists will find something interesting for them throughout the whole year. The best times to visit are spring and autumn, when there are not so many crowds and it does not bother hot or cold. However, it must be remembered that Budapest is a city of contrasts and everything that greenery covers during the warm months, becomes noticeable and distinct in other periods. Even so, it's hard not to be fascinated by this place even for a moment.