Who am I?

A travel lover, who can’t imagine life without music.

What do I like doing?

I love discovering new artists, planning short- and long-term trips, snuggling up on the sofa with a good book, snowboarding, cooking and eating (of course), singing and composing music, editing videos and…handwriting.

What do I dislike?

I hate cleaning, going to the gym, wasting my time and explaining over and over again why I went vegan and how it is possible that I am still alive.

Where I’ve been to?

I have visited 24 countries on four continents so far.

Where do I plan to travel?

Nepal, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Norway and New Zeland.

What does Altertonative mean?

There are two meanings: it is an alternative to something familiar, native, or it is something familiar and native but discovered again in an alternative way.

Where to find me?

I’m a singer in a rock band called Lola Lynch and a composer of soundtracks to my travel vlogs: Broshkii.