Who am I?


Hey! My name is Marcelina and I have always associated my future with the love of my life: music. With music? – you’ll ask – This is a travel blog?!...Well yes, but it was the music that actually brought me to this place. Right after graduation I emigrated to Great Britain for three and a half years, where I graduated from uni with a degree in Production of Popular Music and Theatre Studies. I’d planned to start a career path over there, but one solitary winter I had been spending in Poland, I fell in love with my soul mate and...I’d decided to return to Poland permanently. Did I regret it? Not a single bit, because our love survived to this day, and soon after returning I joined the rock band called Lola Lynch, with whom I got to know what a hard rock lifestyle looks like and could imagine what it was like to be like Mick Jagger...OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little, in fact we were not that popular...and that is probably why the band broke up after a few years, leaving a void in the heart and a lot of spare time in my hands. And since I’m not a lazy person (not to count Sunday evenings), I had to (and wanted to!) start a creative asset on my own.
Along the way, several events coincided: a journey to Vietnam, a trip to Israel, an unexpected proposal for a vacation in the Maldives...all this led me to launch a travel blog A L T E R T O N A T I V E in March 2018. For what purpose? To vent the creative energy I was cumulating, to help others organize independent, ALTERNATIVE travels, to inspire others and to motivate myself through this inspiration. So who is this blog for? For those who are uncertain, wanting to break out of their daily routine, not necessarily giving up all their previous lives; for people looking for specific information, without unnecessary wrapping in the bush; and for those stereotypical millennials who see that there is something more than a corporate machine, who rebel against fabricated life, superseding originality, who eat greens, sit on a pillow, use reusable bags and follow conscious consumerism, even when travelling. Peace!

What do I like doing?

I love discovering new artists, planning short- and long-term trips, snuggling up on the sofa with a good book, snowboarding, cooking and eating (of course), singing and composing music, editing videos and…handwriting.

What do I dislike?

I hate cleaning, going to the gym, wasting my time and explaining over and over again why I went vegan and how it is possible that I am still alive.

Where I’ve been to?

I have visited 24 countries on four continents so far.

Where do I plan to travel?

Nepal, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Norway and New Zeland.

What does Altertonative mean?

There are two meanings: it is an alternative to something familiar, native, or it is something familiar and native but discovered again in an alternative way.

Where to find me?

I’m a singer in a rock band called Lola Lynch and a composer of soundtracks to my travel vlogs: Broshkii.