I was only five when I travelled abroad for the first time. It was back in the summer 1993 when my parents took me to Hungarian Lake Balaton for a holiday. To be honest, I can’t remember much from that time: broad but shallow lake, where you couldn’t see the coast on the other side; red, four-person bikes; warm sunlight on my skin and omnipresent German tourists. From that moment travelling became an important part of my life. I used to travel abroad once or twice a year, as soon as I had some time off from school, not to mention visiting different places in my own country mainly during weekend trips. I’ve started learning English quite early as for those times, which helped me to open up to people, who I was meeting on my way. When I was twelve I went to England to complete a two-week English course, while living with an English family and going to language school for foreigners. Two years later I left the European continent to experience my first cultural shock during one-month holiday in the United States. From that moment my biggest dream was to study abroad, so after a few years I decided to go to the university in Great Britain and…succeeded! I had spent over three years of my life in the UK, which broadened my horizons, opened my mind to different cultures and taught me independency in a completely foreign country. After my studies I decided to go back to Poland, though I didn’t want to give up exploring the world. Years were passing by and I was collecting experiences while travelling every time I had some free time and money. Recently, I decided to share with others what I’ve learnt so far, so I created this blog. I really want it to be practical and include as many details as possible. This is exactly what I am always looking for before my travels – tips and concise information. I don’t have a set way of travelling: I use different means of transport, I live in cheap hostels and exclusive resorts, I travel with a backpack and a heavy suitcase; I travel with my fiancé, friends and family, rarely on my own. I love to organize everything myself, planning is so much fun to me! However, sometimes I just buy a holiday package from a travel agency. There are many reasons which lead me to different decisions. In my opinion, there aren’t any bad ways or best ways of travelling, as soon as they meet your expectations.

If you are still reading this, thank you for your time and involvement. I really hope you will find my posts inspiring and useful. So…let’s dig in!




"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" - the "Alternately through Poland" series is a tribute to my homeland, which I try to get to know better and promote worldwide as much as possible. Polish tourism has been positively surprising me recently, in particular, a thriving agritourism, which with its modernity and conscious, ecological management does not differentiate from that behind the western border.



Asian countries are different to European ones in every aspect: climate, worldview and lifestyle. It was no different with Vietnam - expect cultural shock!


portugal - july 2017

Almost half of this country is situated at the banks of Atlantic Ocean. No wonder you can find one of the best European beaches here, most of which spreads along west coast. If you enjoy your privacy, you will be able to find a lot of deserted beaches here.


maldives - august 2017

Maldives are called a paradise on Earth not without a reason. The white, soft sands and bath-warm, crystal clear waters of Indian Ocean create a dream-like scenery. However, if you feel this isn't enough, I assure you won't be bored a second because of Maldivian underwater life.


israel - november 2017

Israel is quite a controversial destination due to its cultural and religious tensions. A lot of travelers avoid it to be able to access an entry to other countries. But is it really that bad?
If you like the atmosphere of Middle East, and simultaneously you don't want to get too far from European commodities, the land of Three Seas will be perfect for you. 


austria - december 2017

Charming alpine villages hidden underneath thick layer of snow is a view you don't want to miss in this country, so make sure you book at least a weekend in Autria in the wintertime. If you fancy winter sports, you simply must stay here for longer!



Majestic cliffs, beautiful landscapes and fresh air - Ireland has not only multitude of green pastures with flocks of sheep. If you do not like rush or crowds, and a pint of beer always improves your mood, this is the place for you.



Carefree sunbathing in the Cretan sun, trekking in the mountains and ravines, Minoan culture and delicious, fresh food - you'll find it all on the largest island of Greece.



Private island, breath-taking landscapes, complete chill-out and luxury that no film star would resist - this kind of image of Seychelles is created by exclusive resort Hilton, which I had a chance to visit.