Top Hotel Etiquette Tips to Leave the Best Impression


Imagine a world without manners. Nobody would let anyone through the door or give way on the road. People would stop to greet each other, thank for selfless help or even for paid services. There would be chaos and general frustration. That's why the universal principles, including the how-to-behave-well guidelines, are important. Not all of them have the same rank, but cultural people are perceived differently, and most of us would like to be seen as them. In every situation...also during holidays, when we can observe our behavior in slightly unnatural circumstances. Unfortunately, we tend to hear more and more often about the tactless or even rude behavior of holiday guests who feel unpunished while on vacation. Instead of pointing out mistakes to others, it's worth starting with yourself and one of the obvious things that a good etiquette is. Now that we know why it is important, let's think about how to leave a good impression while staying a hotel or any other type of accommodation?

1. leave the tip.

Staying overnight in the hotel, be prepared to leave tips. The higher the standard, the more pennies you will have to share. You don't have to tip enormous amounts, but it's important to know who and when to tip:
parking valet - on a pick-up and drop-off of your car,
doorman - at the beginning and the end of the stay,
porter - when the luggage is delivered to the room,
concierge - at the end of the stay,
waiter / waitress - when paying the bill,
cleaning staff - every time cleaning takes place (it's best to leave the money in a visible place).
Of course, you are not obliged to leave a tip when a staff member doesn't deserve it, i.e. because of behaving badly or ignoring you. You can then report the incident to the hotel manager, at the same time being calm and justifying your complaint accordingly.

2. make the bed.


On vacation you want to finally relax and the last thing you think about is dealing with any of the housework you usually do each morning, right? I know this feeling well, but neatly made bed, or at least not leaving it in a state reminiscent of a battlefield, is a sign of good manners. It doesn't have to be perfectly done, because if they clean the hotel every day, they will make the bed anyway, but hiding the crumpled pajamas and arranging the pillows will certainly make a good impression, at least on the cleaners. If you are staying in a guesthouse or private house, try to make the bed nicely and ventilate the room after the stay has ended. The hosts will remember you as a decent guest.

3. say hello.

It's good to say hello to every visitor with whom you share your accommodation every time you see them. In the end you will be neighbors for the lenght of a stay! Pay attention if you travel with your children so that they always say "good morning" first. And although the service should be the first to welcome guests, don't ignore the staff: if necessary, say hello first and always respond to the welcoming shout out.

4. Be firm but calm

When problems arise and your frustration reaches its zenith, try to take a few deep breaths before you start shouting at the receptionist. Probably it is not her fault that you are not satisfied with your stay, so when things start to turn dirty, talk to the manager first and explain what's wrong. If none of the service, or worse, the owners of the facility ignores you, you can always use the help of the internet and leave a negative opinion. Besides, you certainly will not recommend this place to any of your friends, so they will lose potential clients anyway.

5. smile.

When everything is fine, show it by smiling to everyone. Thanks to a hearty smile, you'll get people who will remember you as a positive and lovable person. Such guests are like gold and trained staff know that they should be given special care. So don't be surprised if, for example, you get the best table in the restaurant just for your bright smile.

6. dress appropriately.


The point is not to go all the time in a suit, but not to come for meals in pajamas or a swimsuit. Proper behaviour requires covering most of the body in shared rooms, so if it is hot, it is worth taking something light to put on your shoulders. Do not overdo it the other way, because the pool bar is perfectly suited for a drink in a bathing suite.

7. Take care of the furnishing.

Objects in a hotel room are obviously not yours, so you should take care of them. Use them as if they were your own home's equipment, which you hope will serve you for years. Most often, we destroy something of our own stupidity, so it is worth thinking twice before we start jumping on the bed, put a hot straightener on the counter in the bathroom, or we will dance on the carpet with a colorful drink in our hands.
However, if you do any damage, the hotel will certainly charge you with a sufficiently high amount, so it is better not to risk it and just be careful.

8. do not make noise.

Try to behave as quietly as possible. Unfortunately, most places do not have soundproof walls and noise spread out in all neighboring rooms. Be especially sensitive during the night hours, because the hotel service, or the owners of the guesthouse have the right to throw you out of the facility without refund if you can't behave well. If you have a problem with noisy neighbors, talk to them or report it to the right person. Under no circumstances compete with them, who can be louder!

9. ba careful with alcohol.


It's easy to go on an alcohol frenzy when all-inclusive drinks are all over the place, and no duties are waiting for you on the next day. Not everyone can behave after alcohol, so if you are prone to mischief, watch out for percentages. There is nothing more humiliating than being hangover at a breakfast with other guests who have seen your embarrassing behavior last night. It is better to move such events outside the hotel, or organize parties only among friends after prior arrangement with the owners of the accommodation.

The above tips seem obvious, but very often we fall into the holiday trap of total freedom and doing whatever we like. Remember, therefore, that apart from other guests, staff members are at work, so they should be respected. Most people also identify holidays with relaxation, and preferably rest in peaceful surroundings, among the well-behaved and nice people.


Have you ever had an unusual situation in a hotel or a guesthouse?

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