You know them. You see them every day in travel or fashion blogs, on Instagram, Insta Stories and Facebook. You know where the most interesting monuments are located, from which vantage point to take the best picture and what is called the local’s favorite restaurant. What's more, you get to know these places from the perspective of luxury hotels, high-fashion clothes, designer glasses and individual guides. You think that this is the most beautiful holiday destination, and of course this is part of the truth, since so many experienced travelers go there. However, you must be careful when deciding to follow trends, because you're probably to experience the Paris syndrome. This means that nothing will be able to surprise you, and the whole environment will seem too familiar to be exciting. 

The following destinations in 2018 appeared on Instagram very often, showing the same places and...poses. If you follow popular travel bloggers, you've certainly seen many of them. However, before you decide to buy tickets, think about how many tourists will appear this year in these advertised places? If you prefer to become an explorer, or think that last year's trends are definitely passe, in 2019 omit the following directions with a wide arc!


In the 1950s, situated near Neapol Positano was still a small fishing village. Soon after, its original buildings gained popularity among amateurs of beautiful Italian landscapes and the village began to host more and more tourists. In 1997, Positano was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and became a romantic oasis, ideal for lovers. Positano organizes many weddings, and the number of visitors often exceeds the modest population of 4 thousand inhabited villagers.



The beautiful, exotic beaches of this place attract hundreds tourists every year. Once a small, charming town, it is now considered a commercial center with a kilometer-long zone of hotels. Their buildings are quite low, which does not spoil the entire landscape, but you can’t expect peace or local authenticity , which has long been pushed away by the tourist market.



Greek Islands are one of the favorite European holiday destinations. Not all, however, offer the same type of rest. Zakynthos is a small island located in the Ionian Sea. Its top point for visitors is the wreck bay, which is almost never empty. In the high season, it's hard to even find a piece of beach space. Zakynthos is also a very entertaining place, so if you are looking for peace, go better, for example to Crete.



Increasingly, you can find unflattering opinions about this Indonesian island. People accuse it of being overrated, expensive and trampled by tourists. Thanks to the developed communication, it is easy to get to it, which in a way contributes to its popularity. Beaches in Bali are definitely less attractive than those for example in Thailand, so during your stay it's best to focus on sightseeing. Here, however, you have to reckon with the fact that all the most beautiful places have been turned into tourist attractions and adapted to a foreign tourist, eg in terms of price.



Thailand welcomes so many tourists every year that its government is considering restrictions, if only by raising prices for visitors. The northern part of the country is not as endangered as the southern coast and islands, but most visitors choose white, soft sand and crystal water instead of sightseeing in tropical temperatures. Phuket is a developed tourist resort and despite having beautiful beaches, you will find it hard to feel like on an exotic vacation there.



Dubrovnik is considered a pearl of the Adriatic for a reason. It has so many monuments within its walls that it is impossible to see them all in one day. Ever since the scenes for "Game of Thrones" were shot here, the number of tourists arriving in the city has grown significantly and continues to grow. Travel agencies even offer special tours in the footsteps of the popular series. While it brings considerable income to the city, it may interfere with the savor of its natural beauty.


Of course, there are still many flagship places in the world, visited every day by crowds of tourists and regularly appearing on Instagram. Cities such as Berlin, Paris, New York or London are mandatory points on the map for most travelers. What, however, makes some of them considered overrated? Perhaps we are sometimes too suggestive of the opinion of others? This article must be read with a pinch of salt, because crowds don’t always spoil the tourist experience, so don’t delete the above mentioned directions forever! Today's reserved seats can come back in a few years as something fresh and less visited. Just be creative and do not get fooled! :)