The beginning of January is the perfect moment to summarize the events and progress of the past year. In March 2018, Altertonative was just starting out, so every, even the smallest achievement of the past months was a success and motivation for me! And running a blog is a difficult and time-consuming task that you would always like to devote a little more time and energy to. The further into the forest, the more trees. The more I knew about blogging, the more often it turned out that I still had even more to catch up. Last year, therefore,  went past under the sign of learning, testing new things, getting to know other bloggers and their methods, and exploring the secrets of the blogosphere (and believe me, there are a lot of them!).

My travels focused mainly on discovering native Poland, thanks to the Alternatively through Poland series (make sure to check them HERE), which turned out to be the biggest success of last year and attracted not only Polish but also foreign readers to the blog. In 2018, I also published materials regarding more exotic trips from this year (e.g. IRELAND) and from previous years (e.g. about VIETNAM). I also wrote posts containing tips useful for people who want to travel more and better, for example, about SAVING FOR DREAMED HOLIDAYS, or an efficient LUGGAGE PACKING. The content was consistently published every week, thanks to which the blog gained loyal audience, whom I thank very much for all the support! :)

Below are the highlights and achievements of 2018!


11/03/2018 - publishing a blog online
01/04/2018 - first subscriptions
23-24/6/2018 - SeeBloggers festival
19/08/2018 - beginning of the Alternatively through Poland series


In 2018, the Altertonative page was viewed 11522 times. Over 4500 people visited it, leaving 500 comments.

In total, I wrote and published 43 posts in two languages (both in Polish and English). The most popular one was about what to take with you to the Maldives (read it HERE)!

Interestingly, I will add that the blog was visited by people from 72 different countries.
Altertonative on Instagram is being supported by over 6,500 followers, and the Facebook fan page gained over 1500 likes. I encourage you to join these as well, if you haven’t yet! 
In 2018, two closed groups were created on Facebook: Vegan Travel and Alternative Travel. The former is designed to facilitate traveling to vegans and vegetarians, and the latter helps in organizing independent travel. New members are welcomed in both groups, just send a request to join!

In summary, 2018 was a busy and difficult year. Beginnings are never easy, especially when you have to find yourself in an already crowded environment. The main thing is to do your thing and not to look back. This not only improves the work, but also supports creativity. This year I plan to stick to this principle even more, and my main goal is to develop the Alternative through Poland series :)

Which blog post did YOU like the most? Which one was the most useful? What would you like to read about more on the blog? Share your opinions in the comments!