The best travel playlist ever!

Have you ever watched the movie "Into the Wild"? It is the quintessence of how music can perfectly match travelling. Thanks to such collages of image and sound, the phrase "soundtrack" takes on a deeper meaning, because it can’t be denied that when listening to music, we discover the world through the prism of the emotions that this particular sounds emphasize. What's more, we become sensitive to the beauty around us and we better remember important moments for us. We can even experience a phenomenon similar to synesthesia, when we hear a song and see a place that reminds us of it. That’s why I try to choose the right music when I create the playlist before each travel. There are a few songs that make me desire for unlimited freedom, bring back memories of the taste of adventure and have a positive mindset to take action, regardless of where I go and how long for. These are the songs I want to share with you today, and maybe they will become an unforgettable soundtrack for your next trip?

Zrzut ekranu 2019-08-27 o 22.43.15.png

If you use iTunes, I will gladly share this playlist with you, just please let me know in the comments! :)