My favourite travel blogs

I started a travel blog encouraged by an article that in an original way explained what this blogging is all about and what mistakes as a beginner blogger I should be avoiding. It was Agnieszka's post, as it turned out later, my high school friend! I write about her blog more below.

I felt then that I would also like to have something of my own that I could share with the world. Until now, I treated travelling as a form of rest, a permanent element (how diversifying) of my life. At the same time, I was often asked questions about travel advice and information, primarily from family or friends who knew about my trips. I gladly helped them, advised what and how to organize, and when we were leaving with friends, I positioned myself first in the queue to plan everything. And so in the end I decided to start my own blog, and imposed a weekly writing regime, and in order not to lose inventiveness, I decided to stay up to date with my favorite blogging colleagues who are my inspiration to this day. Most of them are already well-known veterans of the blogosphere, so I'm pretty sure that you will also like them! And here they are and their works, that is my favorite travel blogs:

Ania spends her every spare moment on travelling. It's even hard to believe she's still working full time! On her blog there are entries about distant and close travels, all arranged with beautiful photographs and comprehensive practical information. You will also find a lot of recommendations for hotels and guesthouses, as well as advice on organizing travel on your own. Ania has a knack for finding unusual accommodation in Poland, so make sure to check her blog out!

Agnieszka is famous for her exhaustive articles about Italy, because she knows about this country more than many Italian guides. However, it was her guides about Israel that captivated me. Her writing style is addictive and you won't be able to tear yourself away from reading, so before visiting her blog, stock up on a large cup of coffee!

Patrycja has a vibe of a foreign influencer. She gained popularity not only due to the honest and confident attitude she presented on Stories and beautiful photos on Instagram, but also thanks to her numerous independent travels and infectious energy, beating from every article on her blog. Gray, boring day? You should definitely visit Patrycja, there is always something interesting going on there!

Filip is the one who a new generation since Makłowicz has been waiting for! Girls, this time this traveling food lover is a bit younger, slimmer...and just take a look at his smile! Most important, however, is what he writes about. And he writes about our favorite subject - food! If you add tasty photos, you can't take your eyes off it. Until saliva leaks at the thought of the next entry!

Alex is a modern woman-traveler: educated, independent, without complexes. She writes in two languages and spends most of her time as the only Polish woman among foreign influencers. She has been traveling for several years and has already visited a large part of the world. It doesn't bother her in building her business and staying in shape - simply perfection. If you ever have moments of doubt, be sure to visit her blog, because it will unpretentiously charge you with faith in yourself and assure that nothing is impossible.

6. Szpilki w plecaku

Ewa used to work as a model, but the passion for traveling won and now she professionally explores...Africa. This is where she usually goes as a tour leader, you can even go with her on a tour. If you also like to take care of your style or you are interested in fashion, you couldn't get better. No, she is not a lady on high heels, but rather an eloquent lady.

All travel bloggers share the same passion, that is, the desire to explore the world and experience constant adventure. Some travel luxuriously, others are satisfied with a scrap of mats on the ground and a bowl of rice, but it's not how much they spend on travel testifies to their splendor, but the quality of sensations and the ability to influence others with their passion. They owe their success to two inseparable components: strong personality and hard work. They are an inspiration for anyone who has ever experienced the magic of traveling.

I hope that at least a tiny bit of what I do works for you in a similar way their work inspires me! If so, I couldn't be happier and proud of my blog!

Have you ever heard of the above travel blogs? If not, of course I encourage you to visit them! Also please share your favorite travel blogs in the comments!