The subject of packaging, although it seems simple and obvious, often appears on travel blogs, online forums and YouTube channels. But what’s the problem to put a few things into the suitcase? Ha! It's easier said than done...Everyone from their own experience knows that in practice it looks completely different. I've been packing innumerable times and I admit - the more often I did it, the faster I did it, but only on the condition that it was repetitive travel, in other words, similar season, similar length, etc.. As soon as one of these factors changed, the problem arose again. Packaging is such an individual thing that it's hard to find a golden rule, hence it may explain the popularity of this topic. Each trip is a new challenge we are already facing at the moment of opening the suitcase. "What should I take with me?" - this is the most frequently asked question and at the same time the most frustrating one, especially when we start packing few hours before departure. Don’t worry if you also face such a dilemma before each trip. After all, it’s not easy to predict the future, even for a couple of days. In addition, this future must be strictly defined, in particular if you can take with you only hand luggage;)


Holidays, vacation, visits to family and friends are a break from everyday life for us. However, we can’t forget that our physiological needs will not disappear or change, so we should start packing with thinking about what could be useful for us to easily satisfy all the basic needs. It’s important to consider where and what we will eat during the trip, what will make it comfortable to sleep in the event of such eventuality, whether it will be possible to use the toilet on the way, etc. Then think about comfort, remembering that for everyone it can mean something different. Before the journey, it's worth asking yourself a few questions: what will make my trip and stay on vacation comfortable? Is there such a thing that I can’t live without? Do I really need that red blanket? As a rule, at the very beginning we start to pack clothes and shoes, and this is not necessarily a good idea, because later we often lack space for items that would definitely be more useful to us.



Once we figured out which few necessary things improving our comfort and well-being we are going to take, I recommend to think about the things that we most often forget to pack, and without which we will feel disappointed or even worse, we won’t be able to go on a journey at all. Speaking of course, about all kinds of documents, bookings, tickets, keys, batteries, chargers, cameras, etc. I personally deal with forgetfulness in several ways:

  • I save all necessary documents and items on a piece of paper and uncheck those already packaged,

  • I gather all the items in one place before the journey, and then only put them in a bag or a suitcase,

  • I print and scan all important documents whenever they are available and store them in one place until the trip,

  • I create a list on the phone long before the trip and I work with it as soon as something falls into my head (most of the phones (if not all?) have the option of adding files to notes, so you can quickly get everything you need in one place) .                         

  • when I forget something, I save it on my phone in a place I often look into, and certainly I will not forget about it a second time.

To be clear, I don’t use the above-mentioned methods at the same time, but rather interchangeably and in 95% it works. I often forget about lenses, so I always have a spare pair in my purse or in the car. However, no one will carry a passport to work ;)


Here's one rule: the less, the better! I recommend to watch some of the YouTube videos of one of my idols, Jenny Mustard. They are about using the same clothes in many styles, which styles work best, etc..
And one more thing: it's worth checking the weather before you go and choosing the outfit accordingly :)


You still don’t know what should be in your travel bag? Using my experience, I've created a list of the most important essentials that I won’t go without on a travel, whether it's a weekend in the mountains, a week in Crete, a visit to a friend or a month in Vietnam. These few items simply makes travelling easier and sometimes they can even "save" your life!

  1. Eye mask and earplugs - you never know where and next to whom you will sleep, that's why the mask and earplugs are the basics; you never know how loud your neighbor will snore!

  2. Refreshing wipes - they are useful for refreshing and sanitizing if necessary.

  3. Notebook and pen - when the electronics fails, you can rely on good old paper.

  4. Toilet paper covers - ideal when hygiene of the toilet leaves much to be desired.

  5. Cosmetic samples - instead of large and heavy cosmetics.

  6. Socks - great for the plane (I always have cold feet there!).

  7. Raincoat - the best will be a big one underneath which you can hide a backpack or purse.

  8. Patch – protect against possible contamination.

  9. Book and headphones - for total relaxation and not getting bored.

  10. Head torch - allows, for example, reading at night, wherever you are.

  11. Hotel slippers (but not flip-flops) - they are light, and during a long journey will let your feet rest (even in socks).

  12. Painkillers and anti-travel sickness pills.

I hope that from now on packing will be much easier for you! If you managed to use one of my advices, please let me know how it worked? Or maybe you know even better patents, or  for you packing is a piece of cake? As always, I am waiting for your comments! :)